Greely Lions Projects
On November 25th, 2000 we held a ceremony to dedicate a new Stone Bridge to the late Arden Brooks, a great friend of the Greely Lions who recently passed away.
The Bridge, the second stone bridge in the Greely  parkland was funded by the Township of Osgoode with its construction being managed by the Greely Lions.
The bridge was engineered by Lion Dave McManus and the principle builder was Lion Ric Olivieri.
We are proud of our involvement in the construction and especially proud of the the finished product. 

 GREELY LIONS CLUB is proud to sponsor Aminata Kayorgo and her family living in Burkina Faso, a country that boarders Ghana. Aminata is 14 years old. She does not attend formal education classes because she is needed to help in the family home. Opportunities are available in her community for further education should her family circumstances change. 

Aminate is a healthy young lady and our donations provide simple things like vaccinations, mosquito nets, rehydration fluids and common medications. The nearest health facility is about 30 minutes away. 

Sponsorship of Aminata Kayorgo
The Arden Brooks Bridge
Our contribution provides community assistance as well. Medicines and supplies, peer education for youth on reproductive health issues especially HIV and AIDS, promotion of voluntary testing and counseling services for HIV and AIDS, support to local partners to improve the quality of basic education and teacher training. Larger projects include fighting malnutrition among children under five years old, supporting the “Because I Am A Girl” campaign to improve girls education at the secondary level, promoting behavioral change in hygiene and sanitation, and raising children’s awareness on child abuse. Poverty is a continuing issue and youth address this issue by assisting in the household economy. Through education and the development of Savings and Loans groups, this community is making a financial difference in many households. Currently the group is made up of 17 girls ages 11 – 19 years, 14 are students and 6 are sponsored children. Beyond the financial profits, discipline is also taught within the group through the existence of rules and regulations that have been defined by the youth themselves.

The Greely Lions Club is pleased to be a part of Aminata’s world.